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Welcome to Pamoja Podcast

Pamoja is a podcast created by Sis. Rehema Namukase and made possible by UAMA; reflecting Muslims’ journeys and perspectives on contemporary gender, political, social and cultural issues from Uganda and beyond. It will feature unique stories and voices of inspirational youth and their elders in the collective Muslim community for others to be inspired and learn from.

This podcast (and media show) is different because it will not be a spiritual-guide-kind-of show; rather, Pamoja will strive to bring together and represent diverse young Muslim voices, stories, and perspectives, and reflect their day-to-day struggles. In circumstances where scholarly and expert opinions are required on certain topics, guests with this training and expertise will be invited to the show.

Objective of podcast

  1. To provide a platform for Muslims to share their stories and perspectives on gender, social, political, and cultural issues that shape their lives.
  2. Contribute to a more nuanced understanding of Muslims and their beliefs to the media and national collective.
  3. Provide a platform for Muslims from different parts of the country and abroad to connect, interact, identify with, and learn from each other’s stories and perspectives.

Pamoja episodes

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