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In the name of Allah (most gracious, most merciful)

A Note from Our Chairman

As-salamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters,

I hope this message finds you in good health and faith. It has been quite some time since we last engaged with each other as a UAMA Community.

Indeed COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped how we live our lives; from where we work, to where we go to worship, to the people we surround ourselves with, COVID has brought once-in-a-generation challenges that have affected us all physically, socially, and emotionally. We pray to Allah to strengthen those who were and continue to be affected by the pandemic.

With all the challenges of these past few years – lockdowns, lost jobs, isolations, life can feel quite overwhelming. It’s important to remember on focusing on the present and on what we can control in the moment.

As UAMA Chairman, together with my administration, we are also focusing on the right now and what we can control for a recovery of our organization (UAMA) as well; and we hope that we can work together towards this recovery. It’s time to brainstorm ways to build back our connections to each other and with our local communities.

How do we do that?

  • 1.       Become a UAMA Member 
  • 2.       Volunteer your services (uama@uamalink.org)
  • 3.       Mobilize your family and friends

(Quran, 32:24) With patience you will get all good things as Almighty Allah says in Quran: “But if you endure patiently, verily, it is better for As-Sabirin.” (Quran, 16:126)

Jazāk Allāhu Khayran,
Br. Imamu Bukenya
UAMA Chairman

Our Mission

The organization's purpose is to emphasize a person’s belief, social, cultural, economical, and intellectual development in accordance with the teachings of Islam as outlined in the Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (SAW). While the objectives of the Ugandan American Muslim Association are designed especially for Ugandan American Muslims, they are also open to people of all faiths who wish to be apart of these teachings and understand the objectives of the Association.

The Ugandan American Muslim Association encourages members to develop their faith, to interpret life from an Islamic perspective, to commit to Allah, and to develop traits of Muslim character and service.

The Ugandan American Muslim Association encourages Islamic oriented social activities; in settings such as seminars, conferences, forums, etc. through which members can meet, grow and gain strength.

The Ugandan American Muslim Association encourages sharing and understanding our diverse cultural heritage through education and social activities.

The Ugandan American Muslim Association encourages economical forums through which members can meet on socioeconomic issues.

The Ugandan American Muslim Association encourages members to further their education by exchanging and supporting valuable knowledge through classes, resources for counseling, and information on educational and professional opportunities.

"I did not create the jinns and the humans except to worship Me alone." [51:56]

UAMA Administration

UAMA administration is composed of Standing Committees, Executive Committee and the Board. To get to know your administrative members, please click below:

Committee Members

Interested to serve on any committee, please contact us at: committees@uamalink.org

UAMA Halaqas & Resources

OUr chairMAN

Chairman Imamu Bukenya can be reached at uama@uamalink.org


UAMA administration and its committees have been working hard to fulfill UAMA's mission. Please click on Programs below for more information.

UAMA Programs
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