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UAMA Programs

  • Halaqas 
  • Clean Water Project
  • UAMA Sunday Schools
  • UAMA Mentors (Work in Progress)

For more information on these programs, please contact: uama@uamalink.org

Clean Water

UAMA Clean Water Project is a program where we are leading a way to find relief and getting clean water to rural areas to affect a way of eliminating our brothers and sisters, from traveling so far to get clean water.

Imagine in Ramadan, a little girl or boy fasting and having to fetch water miles away for his or her family.

By providing Bore Holes (Naikondos) to the residents of these villages (Muslims and non-Muslims), we are fulfilling one of our Daawa obligations as an organization and at the same time giving our Sadakatul Jaaria as individuals, hence saving the residents of these communities, not only from the long walks but other calamities to reach clean water. 

The construction of a Bore hole (Naikondo) could take as little as one and half months to complete. Insha’Allah, our target is always to complete a borehole or two before each Ramadan.

Villages in Uganda typically get their water from spring wells; some far, others even further. Our vision is to target one village or two at a time in providing Bore Hole Wells closer to the people.

 We hope to collaborate with other community-based services in the future; however, our first phase of the project is planned to be fully funded by UAMA members and well-wishers.


UAMA Saturday/Sunday School Program

The UAMA Saturday and Sunday School Program is a one that teaches Deen to students in an organized Islamic environment in the underserved areas of Uganda. Alhamdulillah, the program is sponsored by Brothers and Sisters in our communities.

A sponsorship helps children in these underserved areas learn their Deen and avoids winding elsewhere unpleasant. The program also adds two extra days during school holidays to include those in boarding schools.

UAMA has a total of 10 Schools on its sponsor list. However, we also have so many requests on the waiting list. Unfortunately, without your generous donations and commitment, we cannot fulfill these requests.

The average school has about 45 students. However, with the opportunity, comes the overwhelming response and thus we have some schools with two teachers due to large numbers in those localities.

With your help, many children can learn their Deen from a dedicated Muwalim at the Masjid. *Insha Allah, the minimum sponsorship is $30 per month.*

To sign up and for more information on any of the above programs, please contact the Programs' Coordinator, Br. Musa Kagolo at 718-887-5794 or donate below.

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