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Membership is open to all.

Active members are those who paid their annual member dues; they may or may not be engaged in work of UAMA or its Chapters.

Active membership is continuous until the member leaves, resigns from the Association, or fails to pay membership dues. 

A.     The membership year for UAMA shall be from January 1 to December 31. A member joining may elect to be a continuing member. Membership shall then be continued from year to year until death, retirement, or the member cancels the election with a 30-day notice in writing. The current membership lists will be up-dated by December 31 of each year.

B.     UAMA Chapters shall submit annually to UAMA, prior to January 1, a list of its officers, as well as a copy of the bylaws with any changes or amendments made in the preceding year.

C.     UAMA has set a 60-day before the Annual Meeting cut-off date for membership renewals and new enrollment, effective with the 2016 year. Any renewals or new member enrollments received within 60-days of the Annual Meeting or after the Annual Meeting will be processed for the coming year; however, the person will be eligible for the Annual Meeting registration discounts afforded a member but will not have the privilege of voting and holding office in the Association until the year of his/her membership. 

Individual & Family Membership Levels

Individual - $25.00 (USD) - Adult 18Yrs and Over

Children and Youths - $10.00 (USD) - Childred 2 - 17Yrs

Individual + - $35.00 (USD) - Adult plus One(1) Child or Youth

Individual + 2 - $45.00 (USD) - Adult plus two(2) Children or Youths

Family II - $50.00 (USD) - Two (2) Adults 18yrs and Over

Family II+ - $60.00 (USD) - Two (2) Adults plus one (1) Child or Youth

Family II + 2 - $70.00 (USD) - Two (2) Adults + two (2) Children/Youths

Other Membership Levels

Platinum Level - $1000.00 (USD) 
Two Extra Memberships & Two(2) Extra Conference registrations

Gold Level - $750.00 (USD) Two Extra Memberships & One(1) Extra Conference registrations

Silver Level - $550.00 (USD) Two Extra Memberships & One (1)Individual Conference registration

Bronze Level - $450.00 (USD)  One Individual Conference Registration

Monthly Level - $20.00 (USD) 25% Discounted rate on Registration


Only active members as defined in Section 1 of Article III have the privilege of voting and holding office in UAMA. Other benefits of membership are specified in the Rules.

Call or Text: 202-780-8323
Email Us: uama@uamalink.org

Address: Benjamin Franklin-Post Office
                1200 Pennsylvania Ave NW
                Washington, DC 20004

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