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The conferences of the Ugandan American Muslim Association fulfill one of the principal objectives of the association – to promote conversations which encourage Islamic oriented social activities; in settings such as seminars, conferences, forums, etc. through which members can meet, grow and gain strength. Each year the UAMA Board of Directors will identify strategic community issues to be addressed at future Conferences.

The Annual Conference content follows basic guidelines developed by the UAMA Board of Directors and can be added to by each Annual Conference Organizing Committee. Local Chapters can propose to host a conference by completing a “proposal form” obtained from the UAMA Headquarters. Volunteers from the selected sponsoring local Chapters will be sought for the Local Organizing Committee.

Traditionally Conferences run in Ramadan, from Thursday through Sunday, with the Juma Prayers on Friday. The Ugandan American Muslim Association Conference can be held - Anytime during the first three weeks of Ramadan, avoiding the last 10 days of fasting.

Locations of the Annual Meeting and Conference are determined by the UAMA Members at a previous Annual Meeting in consultation with Local Chapter Chairs. The policy of the UAMA Board of Directors is to rotate the Ugandan American Muslim Association Conference in its Chapter regions.

Call or Text: 202-780-8323
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