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About the Meeting

Each year the Ugandan American Muslim Association (UAMA) holds an Annual Meeting and Conference as a way in which its members come together to learn, socialize, promote a person’s belief, social, cultural, economical, and intellectual development in accordance with the teachings of Islam as outlined in the Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (SAW).

UAMA’s Conference is designed for all Muslims and those of all faiths who wish to be a part of these teachings and understand the objectives of the association. We cover topics/sessions that:

1.       Encourages members to develop their faith, to interpret life from an Islamic perspective, to commit to Allah, and to develop traits of Muslim character and service

2.      Encourages Islamic oriented social activities; in settings such as seminars, conferences, forums, etc. through which members can meet, grow and gain strength.


3.      Encourages sharing and understanding our diverse cultural heritage through education and social activities.

4.      Encourages economical forums through which members can meet on socioeconomic issues.

5.      Encourages members to further their education by exchanging and supporting valuable knowledge through classes, resources for counseling, and information on educational and professional opportunities.

This year's conference will be held in the Hampton Inn Boston/Natick. All the programs from the religious, education and professional, youths, women and social committees will offer an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge issues regarding attitudes and behavior amongst ourselves.  

Email Us: uama@uamalink.org

Address: Benjamin Franklin-Post Office
                1200 Pennsylvania Ave NW
                Washington, DC 20004

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